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DME Ground Station

In the context of aerospace engineering, a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Ground Station is a specialized terrestrial facility that is part of the aircraft navigation system. It uses radio signals to communicate with airborne DME equipment to provide precise distance information between the airc... Read More >>

Slant Range

In the context of aerospace engineering, 'Slant Range' refers to the line-of-sight distance between two points at different altitudes. It is a crucial concept in radar technology and satellite communication systems. The term is often used in the calculation of the distance between an aircraft or spa... Read More >>



Cumulative Errors

In the context of aerospace engineering, cumulative errors refer to the accumulation of small inaccuracies or discrepancies that occur over time in a system or process, which can lead to significant deviations from the expected or desired outcome. These errors can arise from various sources such as ... Read More >>

External References

In the context of aerospace engineering, 'External References' refers to the external factors or elements that are used as a reference or benchmark to design, develop, and test aerospace systems. These references could include environmental conditions, such as atmospheric pressure, temperature, and ... Read More >>

Aircraft's Current Position

In aerospace engineering, the term 'Aircraft's Current Position' refers to the precise geographical location of an aircraft at any given moment. This is determined using a combination of onboard instruments, ground-based tracking systems, and satellite technology. The aircraft's current position is ... Read More >>

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Congestion Control

Congestion control is a technique used in space and astronautical engineering to manage the flow of data in a network or communication system to prevent congestion and ensure efficient use of available resources. Congestion can occur when the demand for data transmission exceeds the capacity of the ... Read More >>

Beam Steering

Beam steering is the process of changing the direction of a beam of electromagnetic radiation or particles. In space and astronautical engineering, beam steering is used in various applications such as satellite communication, remote sensing, and laser-based propulsion. Beam steering can be achieved... Read More >>

Sound Pressure Level

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is a logarithmic measure of the sound pressure relative to a reference value. In the context of space and astronautical engineering, SPL is an important parameter to consider for designing spacecraft and launch vehicles. High SPL can cause structural damage to the spacecra... Read More >>

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